Apptoto Mobile App!
We've released an official Apptoto application for iOS and Android!
The application is focused on making it easy for existing Apptoto users to manage their communication with their appointments. So we named it "Apptoto Communicator".
With the application, you can:
  • Receive push notifications when clients respond to your Apptoto reminders
  • Easily respond directly through the app
  • Find appointments and enable/disable/customize auto messages
  • Find appointments and send manual messages/temlates
  • Create/edit/delete events on your calendar
  • Manage participants for each appointment from your phone.
The apps are currently mainly designed to work on phones... but they also function on tablets.
We think this experience is much better than using Apptoto's web portal on your phone ;) . Please let us know if you have any feedback and or feature requests!