Event Footer - Add Apptoto conversations (and link) directly to your events!
We recently rolled out a new exciting feature! You can now tell Apptoto to add an "Event Footer" to all appointments on your calendar that message are sent for. (It's on by default for new users)
This makes it easy to see conversation information directly in your Google, Outlook.com, Hotmail, Office 365, or Clio calendar. (reach out to support@apptoto.com if you want to see other calendars supported).
The footer includes a direct link back to Apptoto that opens the event. So you can easily send a message back to the client if needed.
It will also include any "Custom" data set up in Apptoto as well.
See screenshot:
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 9
Here is a link showing how to enable it: https://apptoto.com/s/enable_footer_scribe
As always, let support@apptoto.com know if you have any feedback on this new feature! Thanks!
Accept any positive response as a confirmation!
One of our top requests has been to accept any positive response as a confirmation instead of just "1" or "confirm" in reminder replies.
We recently rolled this feature out. It's still "off" by default, but you can enable it here:
We also added a "reply is a positive response" and a "reply is a negative response" trigger for auto replies like so:
This is very useful for follow-up messages/surveys that ask the client how the appointment went. E.g. if the reply is "positive" then you can send a reply back asking them to leave you a review on your favorite review site.
Side Note: One subtle change we made with this roll out is that auto replies do not cancel the default handling by Apptoto. So confirmations will still take place even if you have an auto reply trigger configured.
Resize the Agenda sections
We recently rolled out a new version of the "Agenda" view on the appointments tab! We've received very positive feedback on it; however a number of you mentioned that you liked the ability to resize the "Appointment info" column to see more of the title.
You can now do that by dragging the column divider like so:
Allow clients to invite other guests when booking
You can now allow clients to "Add Guests" when booking time with you. This is extremely useful if your client needs to book a group appointment... or if your client wants to keep others informed about the meeting (e.g. a family dentist appointment).
Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 1
The Guests will receive a calendar invite from you based on the "Send email to guests" settings under "Actions" and the "Add to Calendar" settings for your booking page.
If the original client cancels or reschedules the appointment, the Guests will automatically receive an updated version of the invite.
As always, let us know if you need assistance with this feature at support@apptoto.com. Thanks!
Apptoto Mobile App!
We've released an official Apptoto application for iOS and Android!
The application is focused on making it easy for existing Apptoto users to manage their communication with their appointments. So we named it "Apptoto Communicator".
With the application, you can:
  • Receive push notifications when clients respond to your Apptoto reminders
  • Easily respond directly through the app
  • Find appointments and enable/disable/customize auto messages
  • Find appointments and send manual messages/temlates
  • Create/edit/delete events on your calendar
  • Manage participants for each appointment from your phone.
The apps are currently mainly designed to work on phones... but they also function on tablets.
We think this experience is much better than using Apptoto's web portal on your phone ;) . Please let us know if you have any feedback and or feature requests!
New Google Calendar Add On BETA!
You can now manage your Apptoto appointment reminders and inbox directly from inside of Google Calendar (in your browser).
Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9
To get started please visit this page:
and click "Individual Install" or "Domain Install" (if you want all users in your Google Workspace domain to see Apptoto in their Google Calendar).
Please note, that once installed, you have to manually click the Apptoto icon on the right to open the sidebar. Like so:
Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9
If it gives you any trouble, or is confusing, or is amazing, please provide feedback directly to support@apptoto.com . Also, let us know if you have any feature requests for the Google Calendar add on by filing them here: https://feedback.apptoto.com/feature-requests
Thank you!
New modern Booking Page layouts!
New modern Booking Page layouts are available now under the "Appearance" settings in Booking Pages!
The new layouts available are:
  • All-in-one: This will become the default layout eventually and allows the user to choose an appointment type and time at the same time.
  • Month View: This is similar to the All-in-one view but lets the user first choose the appointment type and then the time.
  • Week View: A new modern look for the full week view.
Calendar Colors
You can now set a color for each calendar that is connected in Apptoto!
The calendar color will show up in the Agenda, Month, Week, and Day view!
Attachments Support
You can now attach files to outgoing auto messages, manual messages, and templates. You can also receive attachments from your clients through SMS and Email.
For more information see this blog post:
Zoom Integration & Virtual Meeting Fields
You can now create Zoom meetings automatically through Apptoto Booking pages when clients book time with you.
We've also added the ability to automatically extract virtual meeting information for use in auto messages. For example, you can easily include the "Join Link" in your Apptoto auto messages.
To find out more, please see this blog post: https://www.apptoto.com/features/apptoto-and-virtual-meetings